Meet the Team

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Justyn Spinner

Managing Director

Justyn is the main brain behind our company. He enjoys swimming and being out and about in Joburg, experiencing the very best the city has to offer. He loves tasting unique dishes and exploring new places.

Tyrone Maletsky

Sales Manager

Tyrone enjoys getting out and seeing our beautiful city of gold. He loves people and he is always up for an adventure. He spends his weekends watching sport with mates, and he always knows where's the best places to go.



John is our resident driver and without a doubt the most reliable man we’ve met. He makes sure all the copies of your favourite magazines are dropped off and ready for distribution. No one knows Joburg’s inner-roads like John- he has the map of Joburg engraved in his heart.

Bianca Spinner

Beauty Editor and Senior Journalist

Bianca is creative, charismatic and deeply passionate about the city of Joburg and its people. She loves everything food, beauty and hound related. Her motto is to always be kind.

Jess Notelo

Art Director

Jess is our art director, and if she’s not behind her computer, then she is behind her camera taking pretty pictures. She loves a good bottle of wine and can be convinced with a box of chocolates.



Lorraine is the administrator in the office. She runs the office like a well-oiled machine, making sure everything is where it needs to be.

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